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The Logo for my company


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This is the logo for the company I am hoping to get off the ground within the next month or two. I service draft beer equipment, and yes I get to drink beer at work.

This will be used for my stationary and embroidered on my shirts. C & C please. Thanks!


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There's a lot going on this logo. There's a lot of imagery and detail in it, in addition to several colors. It might look good on a sign, or even a label for a beer bottle, but I don't think it translates well to a logo. I think it would also lose some of the detail when it becomes embroidered, or reduced for a letterhead and business card.

I understand using the different beer glasses, as it shows variety, but in general, simplicity is your friend. Maybe you could reduce it to one tap and one glass of beer, and you could have your initials in the tap or on the glass. Either way, you still provide enough imagery to connect you with beer, without the extraneous detail with the multiple taps and glasses.

I would also thicken up your outlines, because they will almost disappear at smaller sizes. This is where looking at sports logos comes in handy?you can see how thicker outlines and bolder imagery retain their qualities at smaller sizes without becoming muddy.

Just some thoughts to throw out there. You have a good start, but it can be progressed much further.

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Kill the words around it, and the box around it. The mug shape is nice, but the word keep it form being a real 'logo' icon.

Just rock the HDW and you are golden.

Maybe tweek it is bit.. go ahead and commit to the handle shape for the D, rather than the 1/4 circle like you have now. A rounded corner rectangle would look more handle-like.

Also, maybe consider making this a pitcher shape, rather than a mug.. ad a serif tot he left side of the top of the H for a pouring lip, use the W behind the entire H to make the verticle ribbing of a pitcher.

You are on the right track with the HDW, just keep versioning, keep plugging away.

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