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  1. Not a patch embroidery...and to every one of you out there. The numbers were not "bubbly" when I got it was 6 years of wear and tear. You you guys could not tell a fake from a real one if it hit you in the nose. And NOT a single one of you own a "real" jersey unless you got it from the locker rooms...they are all replicas...some cost $300 and some cost $20 and they are made by the same people on the same production line in China or S. Korea. And you can argue IP theft all you want. But when you do...make sure you never photocopied a page from a text book, or downloaded a song from the net...or copied a song off a friends CD. Quit trying to justify dropping a half a car payment on a shirt then realizing ... I could have gotten the same for $20. This was in response to a post about how they "fall apart in the wash"...BULL ! And I wanna see a NFL locker room jersey that has been washed 180 times and worn for 6 years. Guess what...they don't exist...because they all get new ones every season. And I want ONE...just ONE of you to post a "authentic" Ravens jersey that is 6 years old...with 180 washes....and let's compare. I doubt it will happen...because it would look just like this one...and you will have proven my point. So please...anyone of you post your 6 year old well worn $250-300 jersey on here, and lets just see the quality over time...because this is what it was all about.
  2. About the only thing I noticed was the inside collar where in would say NFL Authentic on the silver tape is worn...but for a shirt that has 180 wearings and 181 washings...I washed it 1 time before I wore it. I would say for $20 it has held up well for 6 years.
  3. 6 year old $20 Chinese Ravens Jersey...worn 25-30 times a year every year.
  4. Not that I care one way or another what you do with your money. I'll tell you that if you like details you will probably not be happy with the Freeman jersey. The ship patches on the arms of the fake ones look really bad. You can easily tell they're a fakes, which might not be a big deal what other people think, but it would bother me personally that they look so bad. The Buccaneers scrips on the center chest usually looks really bad too. You can get away with fakes with teams like the Packers and Colts and Raiders, teams like that. But with detailed patches and scripts like the Bucs, that is when you can really tell the poor quality. Well my Ray Lewis jersey is 6 years old now, gets worn every game day and quite a few other days. I have out grown it, so the lovely wears it quite a bit now. And it has held up great...aside from a few wing stains and some BBQ spots on the front is is a great shirt and a better value. Piracy and IP theft caused the music industry to reign in the prices of the CD's and DVD's I hope this does the same. And I will even post pictures of what a 6 year old Chinese knock off looks like...
  5. Oh I once had almost all the USFL teams pennants...I rescued them from a smokey club basement. Then I got the brilliant idea to clean them...then I had a worthless pile of felt.
  6. I would love to see a picture of that one. IIRC It was just the old Cards bird head with Baltimore across the top. I think the NFL put the kibosh on them quick...maybe a week after they showed up in stores.
  7. Well PSU will just follow procedure and tell there supervisor...and assume he did the right thing.
  8. Baltimore CFL COLTS t-shirt, and a Petr Nedved Sparta Prague Jersey...that might be popular in Prague...not so much in PA. And a Yellow Baltimore Skipjacks "Jacks" jersey.
  9. I am guessing to be consistent most of you are also in support of SOPA and PIPA as well. I mean IP is IP after all.
  10. I work near Knight Transportation and I think they have a very slick logo. While I always noticed the knight, I never noticed the horse until recently. I think it would make a very good sports team logo.
  11. What is with the circle star logo on the INSIDE of the other helmet? And I think the boot is silly in 2011, but in '64 would have been fine. I think a D with a spur and a star would be a unique alternate.
  12. It replaced a look associated with back to back Stanley Cup Championships. And we all know how much "championships" = "ZOMG UNTOUCHABLEZZ DEY CAN'T CHANGE DEM!!!!4321" or "ZOMG DEY WUN CHAMPEYUNSHIPZZ DEYGOTTA GO BAA-A-AAACCKK!!!1234"... Whoa Buc...are you saying it is not the uniform that is doing all that winning? But the guys in them? So we could take the Packers and put them in a Browns uniform and they would not suck? WOW!
  13. Somebody got time? I thought we were told there is no legal issue here? I don't think there's isn't a legal issue. I think the point is that a lot of people just don't think it's a "crime" that should necessarily be given so much attention. People break the law everyday, hell, you break the law everyday, though you don't like to admit it. So speeding and intentionally violating intellectual property laws are equally as bad? I'm sure you probably think jay walking and murder are on the same page too, eh? There's a reason we have "misdemeanors" and "felonies".... That is quite a leap saying that violating IP laws and murder are the same. To me it is more like prostitution, more of a moral issue. So far not one of you defending the IP view on this has shown any examples of a designer getting paid less because they are making counterfeit jerseys in China. And so far no one here has posted how the loss of revenue because of the sale of counterfeit jerseys as affected the income of the big 4 leagues. And so far no one has posted how the only reason a "authentic" NFL jersey is worth $300 is because of the existence of counterfeit jerseys. Actually there are no "authentic" jerseys for sale in any store on line or at the mall, because unless it is game worn and taken from the locker room it is just a replica. So we are arguing over levels of quality in a replica jersey, and whether there should be a monopoly on $300 jerseys. Look if a company in china can make money selling a jersey for $20, just imagine how much money is being made by selling the same jersey for $300. And I bet most of you all were pro Occupy folks as well, yet have no issue with the leagues ripping of the masses in the name of "authenticity". Oh and how many of you call the cops on your friends or neighbors smoking or selling weed?
  14. Lose the lime green...and just make it kelly green and a darker kelly green. I don't think the wheat works...maybe swap that out with more of a grey or even a very dark blue and make the yellow circle a silver one so it is a moon and not a sun. I like the idea of a double green, the new Mayflower moving logo looks it can work. IMHO they can't be tonally different, just darker versions of the same starting color.
  15. Have you seen the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Braves, Phillies, Pirates,... there are many teams that have a cap logo that is different from the primary logo.