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"Anti-Rout" Rule


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I saw some people mention kneeling or other ways of not playing earlier in the thread. I think thats more of a slap in the face than running up the score IMO.

That was a big point in my post--I'm glad to see others agree.

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I played 8-man football in Kansas and they have a 45 point rule. If a team is up by 45 or more points at halftime or anytime in the second half the game is called. It actually happens quite often. 8-man football for those of you wondering is played on a smaller field, 80 yards goaline to goaline, and most feature a lot of offense. I once played in a game that both teams scored in the 70s. As for Connecticut's rule of suspending coaches that is just absurd. I can see a mercy rule such as a running clock or a point rule.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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