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College World Series Signatures


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with a new name, I thought why not a new signature template and NCAA College World Series Signatures, I have all 16 Super Regional Teams. If the team has won a World Series Championship you will see the year(s) they won. So here you go.


Alabama Crimson Tide

Cal State Fullerton Titans

Clemson Tigers

College of Charleston Cougars

Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Miami Hurricanes

Missouri Tigers

Ole Miss Rebels

North Carolina Tarheels

Oklahoma Sooners

Oral Roberts University Golden Eagles

Oregon State Beavers

Rice Owls

South Carolina Game Cocks

Stanford Cardinal

One more thing, PLEASE use your own host for these signatures

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clean up those logos please then talk to us.

speak for your self :P .

Anywaze the sigs are cool idea, just somewhat big imo. Size them down if you want and then they would look good ( not that they already are) .


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clean up those logos please then talk to us.

speak for your self :P .

This is the image you are looking for. ;)


[Croatia National Team Manager Slavan] Bilic then went on to explain how Croatia's success can partially be put down to his progressive man-management techniques. "Sometimes I lie in the bed with my players. I go to the room of Vedran Corluka and Luka Modric when I see they have a problem and I lie in bed with them and we talk for 10 minutes." Maybe Capello could try getting through to his players this way too? Although how far he'd get with Joe Cole jumping up and down on the mattress and Rooney demanding to be read his favourite page from The Very Hungry Caterpillar is open to question. --The Guardian's Fiver, 08 September 2008

Attention: In order to obtain maximum enjoyment from your stay at the CCSLC, the reader is advised that the above post may contain large amounts of sarcasm, dry humour, or statements which should not be taken in any true sort of seriousness. As a result, the above poster absolves himself of any and all blame in the event that a forum user responds to the aforementioned post without taking the previous notice into account. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy your stay at the CCSLC.

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