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College Soccer Scarf


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My every-four-year fascination with soccer has led to a fascination with soccer scarves. Here's a little something I cooked up the other day for Missouri State University. The "Fight for vict'ry" is from the school's fight song. I would put fringe on a real one - maroon, white and black - but I was unable to incorporate this into the design.

Enjoy. Comments and critiques always welcome.


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That's a great start. I love the way the colors lay out on it with the stripes through the entire length. That being said, I guess there are things I would suggest changing:

- Don't stretch the fonts so much on the slogans. You can tell they've been pulled horizontally, and it looks badly out of proportion. For the smaller parts in the stripes, rather than stretching it to take up the horizontal space, add extra letter spacing. For the main slogan in the white area, give the text more weight. If you can find a font that matches the "Missouri State" from the front, it would be that much better.

- Were it me, I'd take the "Missouri State" box from under the M, leaving the M by itself. Then, make the M of a similar size as the bears on the front side. Make sure to resize it proportionally.

- On the back, you might consider putting something like "MVC CHAMPIONS" across the top, then the two years along the bottom, with some generous space between the two. It'll be a little less cluttered, then.

If you're actually looking to produce such a scarf, I can get you a couple of leads on places we've gotten some scarves done for the MN Thunder/Lightning and First Minnesota Volunteers (US national team supporters).

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When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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