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new Arsenal kit


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what some people may not know is that I'm crazy about soccer and video games, and specifically soccer games. Winning Eleven 9 - current pinnacle of soccer games and, arguably, all sports games - also has a ridiculously good uniform editor. It's with this tool that I've created mockups of the new Arsenal kit, and seen them in action.



I started a career with a 'created' team, but they allow you to use existing clubs' crests, and Arsenal is licensed, so it's easy. I also dropped a few players who aren't on the team anymore and added Rosicky.


in the teaser pic from their site, the keeper was in the dark grey and black combo, but this is the green and black kit as seen on some Nike world cup teams. If Arsenal ends up using a different color for their second keeper kit I'll change it.


and the away kit, now featuring the Fly Emirates sponsorship.

I know there's no piping going up the front and back shoulders, but I couldn't come up with a way to get rid of it, and I needed the piping down the sides.

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