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High School Overhauls


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Anyway, my school has had the same uniforms for YEARS. i'm doing a little redesign project, making the uniforms look like they all actually come from the same school. In this project, i'd like your help with this redesign, giving me suggestions on how the uniforms would look better.

for that, you need to see this thingy..


our colors are Black, White, and Gold in no real order right now.

First is Baseball, and this is what we have now...



as you can see, not a hint of gold anywhere, and it looks too much like the yankees for my liking (although around here pinstripes will do that).

also, as a note, i forgot to take the nameplate off, there really arent any.

i will begin working on what i would like on these, and take any suggestions on how they's look better.

*EDIT* fixed everything i somehow missed, should change up there in a few minutes

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Interesting. Black Gold and White Patriots. Patriots usually is red white blue.

I dont know if you guys have a logo, but if you don't maybe create one for the cap.

Using the initials of your school and mascot would be good.

PHSP or PHP.. I'm sure with the symmetry you could create a nice hat logo. If nothing else, a more stylized P with a baseball or diamond backdrop would be nice.

Besides that use the gold!

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just a thought - and this was pretty quick in photoshop so excuse the quality:

as soon as i saw 'patriots' in this thread i thought of old english, my middle school began with a P and this is kinda what our caps looked like and i loved em


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okay, made some upgrades here...

Heres with the new script, and that the only change here..


now i couldnt decide which kind of gold to use (my school uses both athletic and vegas gold in different places)



they seem to be leaning toward vegas over the past few years, so i may end up going with that.

tell me what you think and what to improve

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Is that gold I see? Yes, I like the vegas gold better, and the scrpit is a lot better. Way to improve your concept, really liking this.

I agree the vegas gold looks better. I really don't like the grey pinstripes though. If you wanted a grey one i would get rid of the pinstripes completely and only use the wordmark and number. I like the Home one a lot though

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