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  1. Took a break from designing the NFA (Northern Football Association), to work on kits for my fantasy MLS team on the boards here. The team is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and we won the Supporters Shield and USA Championship last season. The teams kits are Lululemon, a athletic brand based out of Vancouver. They don't currently produce soccer uniforms (and I don't think they ever will), but I wanted to do something unique for this team. The jersey/short cuts are based off lululemon is t-shirts/shorts. Not much else to say, so let me know what you think! Oh and thank you to raysox for the general design of the template, much appreciated!
  2. Had lots of problems with this entry, everything from designers block to file crashes. Overall not too impressed with my finished product, so I am asking for some C&C on how to improve these kits!
  3. I know both of my first two entries made it into the tournament, thanks for all the votes btw, but I am just looking for C&C on how these concepts could've been improved. Thanks! SC Marseille Union Dortmund *updated with own links, should show presentation better (might have to ask Raysox to include these in the tournament)
  4. Given the positive feedback on my Washington Huskies refresh, I decided to tackle another program in need of an update. Every time one of the draft doofuses at ESPN start showing highlight film of Blake Bortles all I can think about is how big of a disaster their uniform is. The Nike "catalog" mess of mismatched striping, toilet bowl collars, and white striping on gold jersey among other things is really hurting their identity. For this refresh, I decided to keep the basic striping from the pants and jersey (while swapping black striping for white on the homes) but make them unified and consistent. Also carried over to the new look was the number font (slightly edited) and the white helmet with the "UCF" diagonal logo. Let me know what you think as always gents! (v1.0 removed) v1.1 ('Vegas' v. 'Old' Gold) v1.2 ('Final' Design)
  5. Really disappointed with the new uniforms put together for the Huskies, so thought I would show the Creamer boards what I wanted the uniforms to look like! Removed all black from the primary uniforms, brought back a new take on the Pickett-era jerseys, and kept the NW arrow on the numerals from the recently introduced set!
  6. Just thought I would go ahead and post up some uniforms/logos I put together for a friends fantasy collegiate fantasy football team. Not much to say about it, just looking for some comments, critiques, etc!
  7. Here is my new personal mark -- paid homage to my hometown of Seattle with the colors. Let me know what ya think!
  8. My fantasy soccer squad benefited from my insomnia last night with a new crest! Improvement? As always let me know what you think. OLD CREST NEW CREST
  9. Just recently completed two soccer concepts for some fantasy teams on the boards. Thought I would share them with everyone in the concept section and get some comments. First up; Hawaii Islanders FC --> See 2nd Page for Update - MLS fantasy team on the boards based in Honolulu, Hawaii - Only have a crest completed for this team; kits are in the works. Next up; Birmingham Athletic --> Scroll down for Final Draft - English Pyramid simulation soccer team on the boards located in Birmingham, England. - Inspiration came from Bethlehem Steel FC with a 'modern' twist.
  10. UPDATE 1 - The W on the hat remains. Yes, both UW and WSU use W's on there hats, but it's been that way as long as I can remember [and as far back as google has let me search]. - Crimson striping is replaced on the white uniforms in favor of gray, much like the football uniforms. Helps the striping match on the pants and jerseys when paired with the crimson jersey as well. - Pant stripe is also lengthened. Once again in order to be more consistent with the football uniforms. - "Cougs" script is replaced in favor of "Cougars". - Throwback remains untouched for now, but as per Jimmy's suggestions change is forthcoming
  11. Yes I was banned LMU, but like I said previously I totally deserved it. I was absolutely a troll and I am sincerely apologetic about how I acted. I was extremely young and immature, all I'm asking for here in a new slate. I want to make new friends and improve as a designer. I really would love to be apart of these boards again, this time as an adult. As for the concept, thanks for the critiques Jim, WSU, and Monkey. I will make sure to take a look at those when I update this set in the future.
  12. Chris and I know each other, he graduated from my HS [Puyallup] a few years before me [2009] and I recently sold him my old MacBook Pro. I probably wouldn't have gotten back on this site if he didn't remind me about it.
  13. You veteran CCSLC’ers out there may recognize my name as the infamous DomTheAthlete29 or perhaps you may remember my short tenure under the name italianstallion29? When I first joined this site in 2006, I was thirteen years old, and like most thirteen year-olds I was far too immature to act properly on the Internet. After annoying numerous members, harassing the fantasy community, and ultimately throwing one of the biggest temper tantrums this board has ever seen my account was rightfully banned. Right around this time however, I began going through puberty in which my passion for sports aesthetics was quickly replaced with the next best thing, girls. As the years went by these boards soon became a long forgotten memory; that was until I stumbled over one of my old uniform drawings while cleaning out some old drawers at my parents’ house. Since it’s been nearly 8 years or so since my banishment, I thought I should try this forum again in hopes of making new friends who share a common interest in sports. Looking back I find my actions quite hilarious and amusing, but I offer my sincerest apologizes to these boards to anyone I may have disrespected or offended. I really hope given these circumstances the board will welcome me back with a clean slate and allow me to make a new name for myself. I loved when the Cougars refreshed their look a few years ago; the colors now were consistent across all their athletic programs. The typography they came up with was also a vast improvement. Also helps that their primary logo may just be the best in all of college athletics. My main issue with the Cougars’ current branding package is that they added a second gray to the uniforms (primarily in football). So I really made it my goal to stick to a two-color palate with Crimson and Gray. Also I felt as if the typography had unnecessary serifs especially on the numerals, so I did away with those. Onto the uniforms… I really like what the football team did with their uniforms for the most part and felt like that identity would transfer over to a baseball uniform quite nicely. As for the chest scripts the cursive “Cougars” for the home is replaced with the new typography, “WSU” makes it on the road sets, and “Cougs” makes it on the alternate. Out goes the “Washington State” script they currently use on the road, as I feel it’s too bulky to use on the front of a baseball uniform. The caps remain untouched, feel as this keeps the team in line with the ‘honoring the past, live the present, create the future’ motto the school used during its rebrand. I also added a pinstriped ‘throwback’ to tie into the past as well, which features one of my favorite script logos on the front. The overall impression I aimed for with this is to appear more cohesive between the athletic programs. Let me know what you think.
  14. This was my proposal for a college apart of the FCS fantasy league here on the creamer boards. Just wanted to get some C&C on it. Version 4 Version 1 Version 2 Version 3