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Jeff Weaver. we've got good news/bad news


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They were praying that someone would take Jeff in a trade. They sent down Jered because it bought them some time to do move one of their pitchers, starting with Jeff.

Kinda bittersweet for Jered especially, I'm sure he's happy to be a fixture in the rotation now, but at the expense of his big bro? That's the suck.

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July 5, 2002: Carlos Pena traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Oakland Athletics with a player to be named later and Franklyn German to the Detroit Tigers. The New York Yankees sent Ted Lilly, John-Ford Griffin, and Jason Arnold (minors) to the Oakland Athletics. The Detroit Tigers sent Jeff Weaver to the New York Yankees. The Detroit Tigers sent cash to the Oakland Athletics.

especially since Jeremy Bonderman was the player to be named later in that trade...with bondy and german, the tigers made out like :censored:ing bandits.

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