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Rec League Basketball


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First, I need to say that this concept is for a rec league team that my 28 year old neighbor plays for. You know how rec leagues are. Most teams have goofy names just because they can. Well this guy and his buddies named their team The Dublin Ball-Sacks. He asked me to draw them a logo. I found it hard to draw a bag with balls in it or something else even more graphic. So I did the next best thing, I changed the meaning of their name. The ball-Sacks became the The Ball Sax. The team loved it and is having it stamped on their t-shirt jerseys before the summer season starts. Which makes this the first logo that I have ever made that will be used by anyone. I hope you enjoy the play on words and I would like some C+C.

First the logo


and the uniforms


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I notice a couple of things.

There's a bit of jaggedness when looking at the teal outline around the sax. If it's a small logo, it probably won't matter, but if it's bigger, you may want to look in to cleaning it up.

Also, you might try filling in the little white open space. It's a little distracting.

Nice job, though. I really like how you changed the meaning of their name.

::golf clap::

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