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Zoneranger's Whozis #216


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On July 20, 1944, umpire Cal Hubbard ejected the Browns? ?Nellie? Potter for going to his mouth while pitching?the only major league pitcher to be so banished.

The Browns were playing the Yankees that day, and the fuss had started with Browns Manager Luke Sewell complaining about New York pitcher Hank Borowy going to his mouth. This was an odd strategy in view of the tendency that Sewell?s own pitcher had of doing this.

Borowy promptly desisted, but Potter could not break his habit. Hubbard warned him twice. Finally, Hubbard told Sewell that if he had to warn Potter again, the pitcher would be out. Potter made an exaggerated licking motion and was tossed.

?I made a report to the league, and they suspended Nellie for ten days,? said Hubbard. ?He had a wife and I think he wanted a vacation anyway. They said his wife gave birth to a child nine months later.?

A knee injury kept Potter out of the service during World War II. During 12 years in the big leagues he won 92 games and lost 97. He made two World Series starts in 1944 and surrendered only one earned run, but six Browns errors gave him an 0-1 record. Potter ended his 12-year major league career with the Boston Braves in 1949. :rolleyes:

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