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New kansas jerseys


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Well, I DID make mention of it here, but to be fair, this has drifted all the way to page three, and you had to look in the sub-title to even see a mention of KU.

Those are the road blues, though.  There's even an alternate red coming out at some point in the season.

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SOMEBODY ELSE DID READ MY POST!  I thought no one would read it!

Sorry, I didn't even know you mentioned it.  I saw your post

when it orginally was on the board, but I just now got the mention of the redesign.  Since I didn't know Kansas was getting a redesign I just thought you were referring to the ones they wore last year.  I actually didn't really get it because I just thought the Kansas ones in the photos looked the same, until further inspection (from your link), sorry I didn't know it'd been talked about.  


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