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  1. Though that does undo the strangeness of the Liberty being owned by Joe Tsai (owner of the Nets) yet playing in the Knicks' G-league barn. Maybe less Knick color in logos/uniforms to further distance the Liberty from previous Knick connections?
  2. Vanderbilt tweaks on their whites noticed at SEC MBB media days: - shoulder striping eliminated - narrower wordmark on chest - black numbers trimmed in gold (change from gold trimmed in black) - anchor logo on waistband - side design simplifed - bottom of shorts striping added overall, an upgrade from before
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, your Notre Dame Yellow Jackets!
  4. Kobe Bryant - though there was a number change by the time the Laker style was thrown back to.
  5. So the Suns wanted to take the "no text on front" opening the Sixers created after last season's number in a circle of stars. But why not put the logo and number adjacent like the spurs do? This stack business doesn't do it for me.
  6. Here we see St. John's going from this: To this: Fun to see a change in manufacturers only result in minor trim changes. Also, we are far enough in the life cycle of Under Armour as an apparel supplier that schools are switching away from them. St. John's joins South Florida in that club.
  7. Guess all home basketball teams in the Wells Fargo Center have to utilize drop shadowing.
  8. So, a fancier shirsey in jersey material? Not the worst idea. Essentially the difference between pro-cut NFL on-field jerseys, and the retail ones with actual sleeves.
  9. Garish, yet historically true. Inaccurate w/r/t number color, though. Probably veers on "right team, wrong uniform" territory, too.
  10. Here I thought those last versions of the rainbow racing stripes Astros roads were peach. Blame fuzzy youth nostalgic memories and standard definition television for the goof.
  11. I am just happy to see Vanderbilt getting something other than stock designs out of Nike.
  12. Safe to say the Utah alt court confirms they’re getting a classic set? 6 of 12 ... Rockets Kings Grizzlies Warriors 76ers Jazz _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
  13. Add the Sixers to the confirmed. 5 to go? Do they try to even them out between conferences? This would be the first Eastern Conference team to get a classic for 19-20.
  14. Logistically, no need to arch a name when placed under the number? Much like the Detroit Red Wings don't arch their player names in preseason, not wanting to expend the effort for guys who may not stick with the big club. Going further on the subject of Detroit, the Pistons used to do straight names, no arching, above the number, so *shrug emoji guy*
  15. We really made it into a second page of this thread without a mention of Georgetown?