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  1. I just don't get why there can't be a USC, Alabama, or Penn State of the NBA. Forcing every team to adopt a semi-permanent third uniform, and an annually changing fourth uniform, and then a sporadic throwback fifth uniform, screams of overkill. Candidates for boring consistency? Celtics. Knicks too, though I see them more of a Notre Dame mentality where there are very boring sets used most of the time, and really off the wall alternates used < 10x a season.
  2. It's 2020. People consume these games on mobile devices. Make the numbers too small and they become unreadable in those formats. Score numbers have to solve the goldilocks dilemma of not too small for phones, but not too big for giant TVs.
  3. The trend of having the score numbers touch when presented horizontally continues. And we are back to italics.
  4. The gold tab at middle of back neck for one championship won as Seattle?
  5. For those that are upset that the new black isn't a repurposing of the Iverson set, you can always buy a throwback. What came out with the Boathouse Row motif provides another option. Bringing back a black heavy court to match the set is cool, too. For the Sixers' next "copying other teams innovations but making them Philadelphia-centric" can we repurpose the warmups below to a on-court jersey, a la the Spurs?
  6. First became acquainted with this guy as a throwback logo, so it’s awesome Tulane incorporates more into their current branding!
  7. So this, minus the all-star game doodads?
  8. Forgive the video game render. 76ers debuted in the (then) CoreStates Center in 1996 wearing red-white-blue but on a black-heavy court. They'd switch to the black/gold heavy super-turn-of-the-2000s logo/unis the following season.
  9. a new instance of asymmetrical striping has entered the chat
  10. You are not kidding about the Sonics Champion replicas. So terribly far from accurate!
  11. Besides the one time Rhys Hopkins couldnt get a double-c-flapped red helmet to protect an injury, we have the Phillies breaking protocol of “pinstripes on opening day and in night starts, unless it is powder blue Thursday.” A 6:05p first pitch, and Philadelphia sports cream alternates with blue caps. Could be argued that they broke yesterday on game 2 of a doubleheader, but there is plausible rationale of not wanting to change from game 1 which started at a “day” time of 5:05.
  12. Do we have the technology to put gifs in the maker’s mark position?
  13. Prior to the restart, the Memphis whites placed name below number. And that persists, and the messages arch above number. Figured it would wind up this way, but there was room for doubt. Would have found out sooner but for the Grizz opting light blue or throwback turquoise where before the bubble, the names on those were positioned above number.