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  1. When adidas outfitted the refs, there was a white clash option. With more teams dabbling in grey uniforms, might as well bring the idea back, as it would work in games when neither team wears white, and reduce confusion if one team decides to go grey.
  2. The real reason why Oakland needs to retain the A's cap is so the division standings can spell ASSHAT when ordered as OAK/SEA/HOU/LAA/TEX
  3. The single-digit WR has precedent, but just in preseason.
  4. Admittedly not baseball, but vertically arched script has precedent.
  5. At least adidas bothered to give Orlando additional options. Since the Sixers were a decidely "meh" franchise post-Iverson and pre-Embiid, they weren't subject to multiple alts, Christmas editions, sleeved alts, etc. I mean this is a throwback in adidas NBA times that made it to retail but never the court. Nike for better or worse lets all the teams in on the brand-cluttering fun.
  6. It's interesting; Nike has their Oregon and UA has their Maryland. Now NB gets their Boston College. Though I tend to think it'll be more "university close to HQ" than "school we get to experiment wackily with." Because football is not included, and because neither New Balance nor the BC Eagles are typically known for pushing the innovation envelope.
  7. When you say TCU, I thought you were going to mention the Twins cap logo borrowing Then there are the teams who mimic Cardinal-logo-on-bat stylings.
  8. C'mon Colts photoshop wizards! Couldn't have made the undersleeves white? Or they're getting the baselayers to match the swoosh.
  9. While yellow names on white jerseys doesn't seem to make sense, it at least maintains a name color consistency with the black shirts. Plus, in 1997, the first year of the italicized numbers - the names on the white tops were single color solid black. Didn't look right.
  10. Chaos, but not for THAT reason. The baseball all-star game seems to do fine with one team in white versus the opponent in gray or any color alternate that isn't white. Chaos because of captains and teammates potentially being on opposite teams. You'd see (hypothetically) Embiid in a Sixers white jersey versus Simmons in a Sixers blue jersey. Works for contrast, but would still be odd.
  11. I just don't get why there can't be a USC, Alabama, or Penn State of the NBA. Forcing every team to adopt a semi-permanent third uniform, and an annually changing fourth uniform, and then a sporadic throwback fifth uniform, screams of overkill. Candidates for boring consistency? Celtics. Knicks too, though I see them more of a Notre Dame mentality where there are very boring sets used most of the time, and really off the wall alternates used < 10x a season.
  12. Nets on YES have a bar instead of last season’s box
  13. It's 2020. People consume these games on mobile devices. Make the numbers too small and they become unreadable in those formats. Score numbers have to solve the goldilocks dilemma of not too small for phones, but not too big for giant TVs.
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