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  1. Prior to the restart, the Memphis whites placed name below number. And that persists, and the messages arch above number. Figured it would wind up this way, but there was room for doubt. Would have found out sooner but for the Grizz opting light blue or throwback turquoise where before the bubble, the names on those were positioned above number.
  2. Didn’t get to verify until the second gme of the night, but in the seeding games, players wearing social justice messages have the message arched above the back number, while those remaining with their own surname have their name placed below the number. Makes me wonder what Memphis will look like on their white or dark blue options, where name appeared below number pre-bubble.
  3. For the Sixers, 4 stars on one side stripe of the jersey, 3 on the other.
  4. If Jordan’s silhouette can grace a Georgetown uniform, it can handle being on a Pistons/Cavs/Jazz/whoever set as well. Going to ask the corollary- will Charlotte get nike logos on their icon and association sets to conform with the rest of the league, now that Jordan gets a logo on every statement set?
  5. Trae Young follows Steph Curry in another way, pivoting from gaudy rookie designs to primary colors on a rebrand.
  6. Take notice, teams revealing uniforms. Do it like this. Clear looks at the uniforms. No extreme closeups. No fog machines. No weird lighting. Certainly you can add flourishes beyond a simple still photo, without going all pro-wrestling intro, as the Hawks have proven. As for the new togs, they are a tad simplistic, but erring on the side of under- versus over-design? Fine with that.
  7. Old Muggsy reprises his college # late in his career.
  8. Agree that it may be reading a little overly deep. The blue star in isolation is off putting to the Dallas-haters among the crowd.
  9. That's too bad. All red was fine prior to racing stripes and swirly Ps.
  10. Check out the wordmark on this twitter post, and the screen grab from between innings on the intrasquad stream. Red stars as lowercase i dots? Uniforms still sport blue stars. Blowback from the blue star resembling the Cowboys logo perhaps?
  11. Here is old Dwight Gooden on a day the dome AC must have been on max. Or, he just really found the jacket stylish.
  12. This, but flip flopping the usage of gold and white?
  13. In the rare instances that MLB teams took the field in a white cap, helmets weren't white. College level, though - they'll match helmet to hat.