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  1. Feel like color-vs-color is not utilized often enough. When teams have 4-5 color options, going color-vs-white seems to be lazy planning.
  2. Holy moly! That's the baseball version of cutting off armhole trim on the NBA template for no discernible reason! What if they do this nonsense with the MLB uniforms once they take over that in 2020?
  3. Vouching for this tip. No more tucking my ears in certain fitteds!
  4. Maroon pants! Who's ready for some softball?
  5. Here is the 2019 iteration of the Vanderbilt pro-USA alternates. Thinking we have olive drab, a flag-pattern tail, and the star-V with a flag-pattern background. Makes the Dores look less like Ole Miss, at least.
  6. Also noticed that, but maybe because these are the retail ones. No sponsor patch on them, either. Retail jerseys below the top price point have the armhole trim go all the away around.
  7. I suppose it's possible that the angle of Kingery's head could be obscuring the batterman, but this photo seems to verify the lack of batterman.
  8. What I am learning here is that white text is situational. Royals powder blues with white text? Revered. Marlins grays with white text? Reviled. White Sox roads with white text? Never heard much.
  9. But only on players’ weekend ———————————— Josh Gordon/Eric Gordon
  10. Score changes result in a logo flash. So they're not always missing from the screen.
  11. Going away from the subway tile baselines was a downgrade. I was thinking they wanted a generic Brooklyn baseline because there's a lot of college basketball played in Barclays, and it would save on changing baselines from Brooklyn Nets to Brooklyn Hoops. Then I looked at pictures of college games on the court and it looks like a whole different floor is laid down (traditional floorboards as opposed to the zigzag Nets court).
  12. Target remodels/renovations appear to be embracing this style aesthetic.
  13. Amazingly, all 3 new Timberwolves wore numbers in Philadelphia occupied by other players on the roster. So, new numbers for Bayless, Covington, and Saric.