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Heatley traded for sakic


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-source http://sports.ign.com/articles/442/442838p1.html

December 03, 2003 - In a move that has been speculated and rumored about for some time, EA Sports decided to replace current NHL 2004 cover athlete Dany Heatley of the Atlanta Thrashers for Colorado Avalanche Center Joe Sakic. The switch takes place a few months after Heatley was involved in a car accident that killed Thrasher teammate Dan Snyder.

Obviously, games that have already been printed will remain in circulation, but in any future printings of the game, you will see Sakic's image on the box, not Heatley, who was charged with vehicular homicide upon Snyder's death.

EA Sports released the following statement this morning: "Our deepest sympathies go to the family of Dan Snyder and to our longtime friend Dany Heatley. Considering the circumstances, we decided it would be inappropriate to bring any more attention to Dany by featuring him in our advertising campaigns.

This has been a tragic event for everyone involved."

Check back to IGN Sports for more on this breaking story.

-- Jon Robinson

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Hmmmm, three weeks before Christmas EA sports decides to create an automatic collectors item out of the remaining Heatley-covered games.  

Makes you wonder what their true motivations might be.  They certainly could have made this decision a few weeks earlier.  I wonder how sales of the game were going prior to this decision being made.

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Unfortunately this means I'll have to buy both copies to get both packages... one for posterity, the other 'cause Joe Sakic just may be my favourite hockey player.

I say I'm going to be buying both copies jokingly... I'm still in the dark ages of NHL 2001 (and NHL 99 before that... boy was I glad that they put in difficulty levels, 'cause I got schooled at NHL 95 hardcore... even against the computer as Tampa Bay and me as the West All-Stars.)

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