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50 year nfl commerative logo


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It the last season before its merger with the AFL was completed (1969), the NFL celebrated its 50 year anniversary by altering its famous trademark logo.

The blue field of white stars with the tilted football in front of it was replaced that season with IIRC a gold field with a white number 50 over it. In addition the logo appeared on the shoulderpads of all NFL teams oriented so that the top of the logo pointed toward the player's neck and the bottom of the logo pointed away from the player. The following season, the logo reverted to its familiar form and disappeared from the team uniforms.

Does anyone have or know where I can find an image of this logo? For that matter, does anyone else even remember this logo?

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Try getting a hold of some pix from Super Bowl IV.  The Vikings wore the patch and I would imagine that if you're going to be looking for pix from the 69-70 season, coverage of the SB would be your best bet.
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