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Canucks new whale logo idea

Roger Clemente

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More innovative work from R. Clemente.

At first glance, it seemed a bit forced, to combine their old and new looks (bypassing that strange skate thing they had) but it totally works.

What is that 'cheetahmen ran off...' quote from?

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Thank you people. It wasn't intentional making the tail look like the bowl of the Stanley Cup, but it works.

That "The Cheetahmen ran off.... ....and now.... ....the Cheetahmen!" quote is from ACTION 52, one of the 52-game-on-1-cartridge thingies for the NES. But unlike other compilations that were just best-of compilations, this one had 52 completely original games, and very few of them were actually playable. (The very same game that spawned "Time?" and it's animation you see at left.) Game number 52 of 52, Action Gamemaster, begins with this weird animation of some kid getting sucked into his TV and having to be rescued by the Cheetahmen. That quote is the last thing it says before you start playing as the Cheetahmen. ACTION 52 is cleary the worst NES game ever made.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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