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Will the Titans break out those light. blue pants?


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With the Houston Texans in town this little nugget about formwer Houston high school star Vince Young's shoes and the titans uniforms color choice appeared in the paper today...

It's the shoes: Quarterback Vince Young wore a flashy pair of Reebok cleats ? black with light blue sections ? during practices this week.

He'd love to break them out against the Texans, although he'd almost certainly be fined.

"I'm going to go by the rules,'' Young said.

The shoes would go well with the light blue uniforms the Titans will wear on Sunday.


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they bought baby blue pants, but they haven't worn them, and probably won't wear them tomorrow.

i'm expecting the oilers-blue jerseys, and navy pants... just like every other titans/texans game...

if only they'd bust out the white pants with them, i'd be in heaven.

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i heard that the oiler-blue/white combo was shot down by the players, as too wussy...

navy navy was their pick, because it's dark and makes them look "tough"

i want some damn oiler blue and white, damnit. earl campbell didn't look wussy, and neither will kyle vandenbosch

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