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  1. A white facemask would have made no sense for that helmet design or the reason for the uniform in general. Nothing upsets me more when a team makes a throwback but it ends up being some totally new thing like what Washington did. If you can't find a way to do some form of throwback then why even bother? If the helmet and the jersey have to be from different years that's fine, but it's atleast doing something that is throwing back to history. Thankfully, 2021 will be the last time the mismatching will stop.
  2. I think worrying about a lawsuit from Marvel is ridiculous however, I do want to point out that Marvel did actually get mad about Hulk Hogan's name because of The Incredible Hulk back in the 80's so pettiness with intellectual property is not completely unheard of with Marvel. I think they know better by now as the Guardians are absolutely not the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  3. The G logo reminds me of this logo the Red Sox had in the 50's which makes you realize how much Cleveland was trying for an old school feel. You just know it will probably be on the front of the Spring Training jerseys.
  4. I have always thought that people on this board have a hard time accepting that alot of teams just don't want to do something including myself sometimes. It's like why wouldn't you want to put 3 stripes on your jersey? The 49ers have had that for decades. They can't be that stupid right? Oh well.
  5. My guess is the Pandemic screwed with things.
  6. The Colts have a new horse logo?!
  7. The Olympics finally have a new graphics package after what felt like an eternity. Here's what we got during Women's Soccer. It's pretty nice.
  8. I don't mind the Bucks black jersey because it's been their alternate jersey for the last 5 years. It's still a main part of the brand as a result, so even if it doesn't look that great, it atleast makes sense.
  9. I sort of missed that Mets jersey, it makes me nostalgic for when I first got into baseball as a kid. However, I really hope this doesn't end up being deja vu, where the Mets like the black so much they slap it on the home and away uniforms too and ruin everything, that was the part I did not like. Leave the black for the black jersey, it should be confined to that jersey.
  11. The Rams new white jersey is exactly what it should have been from the start. It seems obvious to me that somewhere in the creative process, the Rams decided to switch the bone uniform to being the away uniform. The uniform alignment is totally backwards. It looks like an alternate jersey while the new white jersey looks alot like the home jersey and evokes alot of what the Rams fans wanted in the first place. Someone in the organization must have made the call to switch them. This whole thing is very boneheaded. I'm sorry, I can't resist.
  12. Yeah, I never understood this. I guess since sports attracts a macho image it has to be real badass and in your face? You're not suppose to be intimidated by the team name, you're suppose to be intimidated by the players and possibly even the fans too in the case of the Raiders or Seahawks.
  13. I hate that I found this out. The fact they had Maroon and Red going on at the same time is just stupid.
  14. Sacramento is the capital of California so it's far from random.
  15. I always thought the White Sox hat was cool because it's black and white and you could wear it with anything since it's neutral colors. That right there is an absolute winner. If i wanna wear a pink suit and a White Sox hat then nobody is gonna stop me. Okay maybe a few people will try to stop me, but it will still be okay. Ironically, the only White Sox hat I own is the throwback batting practice one from 2014.
  16. OH NO, THE HAT. Dude, they were so close to this actually being okay and then they ruined it with that hat. That Golden Gate design on the side is a variety of words that I can't even say on this forum. They almost had it. They were so close. I literally saw the front of the hat and was like "I might buy this" and then I saw the side and I literally wanted to throw my iPhone across the room. The number font is cool though.
  17. Here's a better look at the NBA 75th Anniversary logo.
  18. Very strange. The MLB Shop image says MKE and it even says it on the MLB The Show video game.
  19. Also, I want to point out the Brewers batting helmet has an error. It says MIL on the side while the actual New Era hat says MKE.
  20. I really love how every alternate hat the Brewers wear has a proper batting helmet. They always go the extra mile.
  21. E-40 didn't even make it to worldwide knowledge until like 2006 when "Tell Me When To Go" came out. He was already popular here in California before that but man, that song really did alot to keep his career going and let people know. You're in the clear on this as far as I'm concerned.
  22. That's what happens when you're the GOAT.
  23. It seems like the NFL modified the amount of times you can wear an alternate since there's 18 weeks as opposed to 17 weeks now. 49ers will wear the red jersey 4 times and the white one 2 times. I'm a bit concerned by how much they get to do this, but I want to feel like they got leeway because they are the 49ers and this is how the uniform was in 1994 but that's just wishful thinking.
  24. The Dallas Cowboys didn't wear their usual white look in the 1995 Preseason, instead they wore the Double Star alternate for some reason. Not only are the uniform matchups rare, but the uniform itself is too, they had solid blue socks and no 75th anniversary patch. They wore the standard blue jersey against the Bills in Toronto and the Oilers in San Antonio.
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