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  1. I think I posted this a long time ago, but I wondered what the Falcons logo would look like without the red.
  2. Dude, it's not about the danger, he's not stupid and neither is anybody who steps in a helicopter. He rode those things constantly, this was another routine trip with his 13 year old daughter and that's where the tragedy is. One of the most important players to the sport over the last two decades just died in a really messed up way. This should not have happened. I understand some people can view the whole reaction to this to be excessive but that's just how much he meant to people. He's worth this type of response.
  3. I really do wonder if the Lakers could actually bring back the Black Mamba jersey. That would be a great thing to do.
  4. The reason I don't think they will get the exemption is because the helmet is using an old logo. It would be weird if the NFL let them wear an old helmet logo in a game where signage is on the field and all throughout town of the current logo. Weirdly enough, the retro logo has been in the 49ers endzone since the middle of the 2018 season. Also before anybody brings up the Rams throwback, it was designated as the regular home uniform and that was that. The all white is color rush for the 49ers and not a home or away uniform. The NFL has no notice of that and already has signage of the regular uniforms and stuff ready to go.
  5. I guess the point I'm making is that the uniform doesn't annoy me.
  6. I actually think the Seahawks have one of the best uniforms in the league but it wouldn't crack the Top 10 for me.
  7. How are they going to make a player shirt and get the number wrong?
  8. That looks like a fashion hat. It looks like the M is on the left side and the New Era logo is white when it's actually blue on the real hats.
  9. The problem is your version doesn't look like an F which has been the key component to the design of the Falcons logo forever.
  10. Yeah, that old Eagles logo was pretty bad by the time it got to 1996. I'm not even sure why it lasted as long as it did. It's so overly detailed and color distribution sucks.
  11. Hey, don't knock Ska. I mean, I'm not the biggest fan and I understand it can be repetitive but there is some good stuff in there.
  12. The Padres would have to win games first.
  13. The Rams only wore Red for one year, there's no real history to it, it was just them trying to find out a look.
  14. I'm sure he wore actual dress pants. Kayfabe was serious business back then.
  15. I don't normally buy jerseys not only because they're expensive, but they're so expensive I worry about screwing them up because they're made of different materials than what I normally wear. I have a Kobe jersey and a Nnamdi Asomugha jersey and I rarely wear them because I just don't want to get them messed up in any way, especially the Kobe one, it's a pretty rare one. I also find that the amount of times I feel a need to wear a jersey don't validate the price. It's like every 6-8 months or longer. It sucks too because I love uniforms but the cost and care that goes into keeping one prevents me from branching it out any further. You could argue my logic is dumb and I'm just paranoid. You are absolutely right. Oh well.
  16. Cordarelle Patterson randomly wore orange socks and had to change it on the sideline. Not sure what he was thinking.
  17. Spurs should just have a fiesta alternate court next year. No need to go all out with a jersey, their uniforms already work well with the fiesta colors. If they had those colors on the uniforms it would have been bad. Shadojoker has a point though, if they have a fiesta pattern for side panels or something then they could maybe get away with it. They would have to make sure it's applied in a limited fashion while maintaining the classic Spurs look.
  18. Lids becoming Fanatics upset me. There was alot of variety going on there now it's just the same as every other site. Christmas shopping sucked because every site had the same crap.
  19. Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and call this a bad move. Los Angeles Angels is dumb. Everybody knows the Dodgers are the team of LA. This is the same thing with the Clippers and Lakers. What's the point of doing this? It's not going to work, it will never work. Anaheim Angels was a great name, not only that, but Anaheim is not even Los Angeles. I know alot of sports teams play outside of their designated city and I could go on about that but I won't. What's wrong with Anaheim? It has Disneyland! Everybody loves Disneyland!
  20. If someone manages to wear Dragon Ball Z themed equipment for Players Weekend then this whole thing will be completely worth it. https://kotaku.com/dragon-ball-z-uh-baseball-equipment-going-on-sale-in-1840551805
  21. I would really love it if the Christmas uniforms never happened again. Just because it looks good doesn't make it a great idea.
  22. I can deal with that but I gotta see the original Heat logo come back.
  23. What if the Heat just use the Vice uniforms but with the main team colors and also adding orange back into the mix? I think that would be nice.