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  1. I'm guessing from your post and the Loyal Jets Fan tweet that the new logo says JETS evenly in a football shape but it doesn't say NY and has black somewhere in there.
  2. I really want these helmet manufacturers to stop making helmets with stupid designs. I really hate the vents even though I'm sure there has to be a specific reason for it right? If not then it shouldn't even be a thing.
  3. I don't mind the Rams helmet issue as a throwback because that's what it was. Although looking at older photos you can see that the royal blue on the jersey was definitely not as bright as it is now so it makes the helmet stick out more than it normally did. Here's a game worn jersey from the early 90's and you can see what I mean. This is the blue they should go for and not what the current throwback is using.
  4. I'm starting to get sick of this bouncing around on the idea of brown from the team. It's to the point where when it finally happens I'm probably not even going to care anymore because they screwed around for too long.
  5. The Cowboys resurrected their 1995 navy alternate and wore it for Thanksgiving from 2001 to 2003. Their Color Rush uniform is basically their 1994 alternate but with a tweaked shoulder logo and white pants.
  6. It's just too obvious of a mismatch now than it use to be because Nike screwed up the pants to the point where it's straight up Seafoam Green. I honestly think they should switch to this:
  7. I know it won't happen any time soon but the Dallas Cowboys seriously need to fix the color of their damn uniforms. They need to find a shade blue and silver and stick with it.
  8. It's the OFFICIAL HOME UNIFORM. I'm surprised how many people haven't caught onto that back when it was announced before the start of the season. However, since they are playing the Cowboys there's a good chance that they will wear white for this game.
  9. You want to talk lifeless warehouse? Take a look at Tropicana Field.
  10. I have two thoughts on this. 1. The Rangers are getting a new stadium?! 2. Why?
  11. I think the Panthers are just done with the silver now. New uniforms are probably coming for them and this stuff is just them testing the waters with what works on the field before they fully commit. Jaguars and Titans have monochrome primary uniforms and I believe the Saints all black has been their designated home for quite awhile now. I can't tell you what the Chargers are doing though but I assume it has something to do with the SoCal weather.
  12. He said the Milwaukee Bucks 2018-19 City uniform was yellow. Nobody believed such a thing could even happen and guess what? The Bucks actually released a yellow uniform and it looked pretty decent too. That alone gives him some credibility.
  13. It's also worth noting that the Cardinals in 2005 had their new look at Sun Devil Stadium a year before State Farm Stadium opened.
  14. I get that aspect but I think they should celebrate the 100 years of the league by digging deep into the past and educating people on what there was. I'd love to see some stuff like Duluth Eskimos or Dayton Triangles as throwbacks. A large majority of people probably aren't even aware of what old NFL teams there were and you gotta remember, some of these teams like the Bears and Packers existed as far back as the 1920's and that's just crazy to me. The league is one thing but an entire organization is pretty wild considering the moving and dissolving that teams have done over the years.
  15. I kinda agree with you but atleast both the throwbacks and the current uniforms are nearly the same color. So the Dolphins can get away with this. The problem with the Brewers is that their looks are completely different (royal/yellow and navy/gold) and then they started to combine them (navy/yellow) which makes it even worse.
  16. The Patriots look just isn't timeless. Yeah they won alot but it just reeks of the era it came from. It's outdated by this point and it annoys me because Brady is so good and yet they're wearing something that should've been changed several years ago.
  17. Why does it look like a Strip Club in that picture? Is Felix Hernandez going to start stripping Magic Mike style during the 7th Inning stretch?
  18. Hey @BrandMooreArt you guys gotta do the Super Bowl VII end zone next year!
  19. They actually did wear it on their own earlier this season. They could've just ditched it like the Raiders did but they're sticking by it for some reason.
  20. Here's a shot of the Sonics playing on that 1995 Rockets court and you can see how rough it is even if the picture quality isn't that great but it just adds to the point that the NBA didn't want teams getting lost in the colors of the court. Nowadays in the era of HDTV it's more clear who is on the court so you get things like the Warriors wearing yellow at home and Rockets wearing red.
  21. That Lakers/Warriors matchup is stupid. It would be much better if the Lakers wore white for Christmas even if it's on the road, especially since the uniform is brand new.