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Oregon State Football Concept


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First concept in a long time... I got inspiration for this because of the fact that even though I throughly enjoyed watching the Beavers beat USC, Oregon State's football unis look like carbon copies of Miami, which is crap.

So, I decided to make a concept. And here it is:


I added cream to the color scheme, since I thought it looked good on their baseball unis, so why not try it on the football unis.

Went back to black-on-orange for the block numbers on the away unis, because the orange-on-black wasn't working for me.

Changed the helmet logo since I thought the primary right now is a bit too cluttered for a helmet logo. I think the one I cooked up simplified the helmet logo, which is basically the B from Beavers script.

Put miminal piping on the sleeves and pants. I figured it looked plain without piping, so I added some modern piping to...y'know, modernize it. (NOTE: There is piping on the away sleeves...Stupid photobucket resized my darn image so you can't see it...)

Anyways, what do y'all think of it???



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