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Logo Concept for my Highschool


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My school's logo is just the Michigan M recolored.... So I went and made a new one. I want to submit it to the school, but I'm not sure how to go about doing so.

The M w/ Sword is the primary (for football helmets, for example), and the sword is the secondary (shoulder logo).


I made it to be easily printed as a decal, hence the simplicity and lack of detail.

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Not bad. Simple, but effective. I would change how the sword is going through the M on the primary. Try having the sword go in front of the "legs" of the M and behind the 'V' part. Minor change, but I think it would improve it.

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Yeah, the swords are nonsensical for the name "Minutemen."

Here's what your social studies textbook would say about the Minutemen if they had been armed with swords:

"The Boston Crisis of 1775: Informed that rebel committees were stockpiling arms in caches outside Boston, British forces under General Gage marched on Lexington and Concord in the early morning hours of April 19. Roused by couriers carrying warning of the British march, rebels calling themselves 'minutemen' gathered to defend their arms, and shortly after dawn several hundred of the colonials faced Gage's men at North Bridge in Concord. When the rebels did not disperse after Gage had the riot act read to them, the regulars opened fire, killing 24 and wounding at least 90. The victorious redcoats arrested nearly 200 disloyal plotters and tax cheats and seized wagons full of knives and swords. With the nascent rebellion put down, British forces returned to Boston, and the last serious threat to royal authority in British North America was put down. God save her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II!"

But if your school isn't cool with depictions of rifles, there are still other symbols you could adopt. A powder horn and a round wood canteen, for example, would signify the Minutemen's readiness. The Culpepper Minutemen famously adopted the "don't tread on me" snake as their symbol. A flag with thirteen red-and-white stripes, with your school's initial in the middle, would resemble a Revolutionary-era flag. A tricorn hat would be another option.

Aside from your swords being inappropriate to the team name, I really like the clean, almost muscular lines you've used. It's a very sharp design, and I can see the various elements looking great on helmets, ballcaps, and t-shirts.

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First, I like the fact that you keep things simple. When people redo logos they can often get muddled (I've been the victim of this many times).

I think the sword would look better if it were just weaving behind and in front of the M, not stabbing it through the middle. That would simplify it even more and clean it up a bit.

Kudos for having the presense of mind to consider the printing application of the merchandise. Good first go at it!

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