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Hey guys, was bored so I deceide to try something fun with the Canucks. Used their current logo, recolorised it and made a jersey similar to what they used when they arrived in the NHL (and they still do!) but actualised it a little. Finally, as for the third jersey, I made this one a couple of weeks ago, kind of a blend between their first unis and the one they used in the early 80's! Anyway, I think the result 's not that bad, even though it might look a little bit like the Walers' What do you think?

C+C always welcome!!!


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...Why did you bump this thread?


While I'm still here, I might as well ask this: Why is it that every Canucks concept seems to take the current logo and jersey but recolored green, blue, white, and silver? I know their alternates are a nice uniform and it's a great color scheme, but every damn concept looks the same!

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Salut Kroma,

je suis certain que tu es plsu talentueux que juste recolorier le logo des Canucks sur un chandail largement inspiré de la fin des Whalers... Envoies-moi ton courriel en message privé pour le template que tu veux...


Kroma, I know you're to talented to just recolorised the Canucks logo and paste in on an jersey largely inspired by the last Whalers uniform...

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