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Dallas stars jersey


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Not my best work, but i did it anyway. It has a little throwback feel, but i just lost interest. i will be trying to make a better one soon.

I used the current secondary logo as a base, but i used a true-to-life map of texas, and i messed around with the star.

i'm happy with the logo, the numbers bug me though. i will have to work on that.


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I think the Texas crest would be greatly enhanced if it were superimposed over a futuristic oval.

Just kidding.

I like the design, assuming that you have simply shown the front of the dark jersey and the back of the white and aren't suggesting a half-n-half format.  I'd ditch the black stripes but the use of black is okay as far as the shadowing features go.  I never thought the black striping on the Northstars' "Big N" sweaters made any sense and found it quite distracting.  Matter of fact, the first year they used it, which I think was 80 or 81, I thought perhaps someone in the organization had died and that it was a temporary addition.

Nice work

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