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'santafan' challenge!


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Hey hey its the holiday season, so if your not away visiting relatives or whatever here is the special christmas edition of saintsfan challenge.

The rules are slightly different this time, if for no other reason than to allow me to add a seasonal flavour to the contest.

The challenge is to update the old New Jersey Devils Christmas tree uniforms. Any logo redesigning is fine, but uniforms must be predominantly red and green.


2011/12 WFL Champions

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Well, like I said I would enter into this, my first saintsfan challenge.

For this I used the old Green devils logo, (which is there current one just green and not black). Also since the Devs' current unis are modernization of the christmas tree ones I decides to use that template recolored green and red.


Devils X-mas

EDIT: Thanks Siantsfan for making that clear.

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Here's my attempt. I don't like the home jersey much but it was hard to find somethign that looed decent with the color scheme. I hope you like them and I once again apologize as mine are made with paint. There third jersey logo is the shoulder logo for the home and away jerseys. Enjoy!



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