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Cubs and Ivy


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The time when my specialty was TATC jerseys is one I fondly look back on, and I kinda regret that those who weren't around in the Fanhome days never got to see any of em. Heh, one day I might resurrect the project, though I know it won't be in the near future. Anyways, I'd been thinking of a turnahead-ish idea for a couple years now, actually, combining the Cubs and their famed ivy-covered outfield wall somehow. Initially, I was floating around a near-full ivy covered jersey with the 94-96 mad bear peeking out on the front, and a back numberplate reminiscient of the distance signs, yellow number and all...and had I gone through with it, the cap would've been green, or had a green bill. Later on, I drew it out and figured I'd tone it down to a Habs stripe of ivy on blue, with otherwise the same premise (shoot, I'd wanted to make a nameplate mimicing the scoreboard, to tell the truth). Main problem with that, the back numbers would be tiny in comparison to the earlier idea.

And so, I finally got around to putting this together recently...without further ado, here we go! :D


rectifying a problem the current alt blues have, the regular C-ubs logo appears on the right sleeve, and as I wanted some ivy on both sides, I kept the idea of the mad bear peeking through the ivy. Instead of the two original ideas, I decided on doin the back kinda like the trolley on the City jersey, with an outfield distance numberplate.

now it's been released, tell me what you think...you feelin this? B)

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sorry, not feelin' this. It's an interesting idea, but it's so aesthetically unappealing that the idea gets lost. that habs-stripe idea sounded more interesting, although I'd leave the ivy on the wall.

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