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Question about recustomizing a jersey.


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I have a customized Braves Johnny Estrada alternate jersey that I ordered right before he got injured several years back. Because of him no longer being a Brave, I haven't worn the jersey lately. However, I'm thinking of customizing it. I'm think of either getting someone to take off the "ESTRADA" nameplate and making it a David Justice jersey. This would be a good option since they both wore the same number (23). Another option could be to ask them remove the name plate and the "3" from the jersey and making it a John Smoltz "29" jersey. The jersey hasn't been washed that much, so I don't think the numbers are that faded. I know it's cheaper to just get a new nameplate, but what do you guys think will be the best option. Whatever I choose, I'm definitely getting Exclusive Pro to do it since they were the ones who customized it. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I had a Twins Morneau jersey recustomized last year after he changed his # from 27 to 33, so that was easy. I sent them another Twins jersey this year to change it from Stewart 23 to Morneau 33. I should have it back this week, but I am expecting good results again. Exclusive Pro is the place to go to for recustomization.

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