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Designing a Logo Package for my High School


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Hey everyone. I've been experimenting with logo design recently instead of just uniforms and word marks. My district high schools are kind of wacky when it comes to logos. Up until last year, there was only one high school that went by the bulls and colors were red white and blue. The bull is pretty much the symbol and has history in mt town, Smithtown, so when both high schools split, both teams remained the bulls. High school east was given red and white as their main colors and west is blue and white. As far as logos go, the football and lacrosse teams use a ripoff of the Texans bull logo with either "east" or "west" inscribed inside. Basketball uses the exact same logo as the Chicago Bulls. That said, there is no set logo for the schools. I really want to design a logo and word mark set that can be used for all sports and create a solidified identity for the Smithtown schools. I have no clue if the athletics department will have any interest in my proposal but I will try anyway. That said, I have just recently begun the project of designing the bulls logo. I want to keep the tradition of the Smithtown bull without making it too modern. Here is the preliminary sketch I came up with for the logo.


As you can see, it's not extremely modern like the USF or Buffalo bulls but I'm pretty sure it's the correct route to pursue. Any comments or suggested changes?

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