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Los Angeles Galaxy Concept


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First, my previous soccer concepts:



Chicago Fire

Of course, the Galaxy will be welcoming David Beckham from Real Madrid over the summer. Along with the superstar is rumored to come a new color scheme, of black, purple, and blue. For this concept, I've dropped the blue, switched kit manufacturers to Nike, and used L.A.'s newly signed sponsor, Herbalife.


The new crest is loosely based on the current one, with the "fins" coming from its edges, the swirling interior highlights, and the bulging text.

On to the uniforms... Step aside, Becks. The middle man for this concept is longtime midfielder Cobi Jones, currently in his final season with the Galaxy. He wears an all-black "space" kit, with the Galaxy's diagonal stripe adapted for the new scheme.

The away strip, all-white, is worn by forward Landon Donovan and has a very modern vertical stripe that merges with a collar design.

The third kit, modeled -- modeled -- by David Beckham has a football-esque side/front panel that extends through the shorts (from the away kit) to the socks.

Finally, keeper Joe Cannon (sweet name) is wearing orange, like an astronaut (not much inspiration here) with some white accents.

C&C please.

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Solid all around. I'm not sure about the alternate though. I would go with a diagonal black stripe.

As far as your concepts go in general, I really like how you like to give the keeper kit meaning rather then just going with a random colour.

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