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Thought this would be kinda neat.

Making alternate jerseys for nba teams. Now I am not very good with using AI, so I just used the current team style, switched some colors, logos, added stuff etc... (did the easy stuff).

Basically not a lot of creativity, i was going for more of "actual possibility of being an alternate"

So without further ado....

San Antonio Spurs (Yes they had an alt, dunno what happened, here it is)


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The Spurs look great. I always like when a team with silver in its scheme uses it in place of a white jersey. That could be a definite possibility of an alternate if the Spurs were to have one. I don't care as much for the black Knicks jersey. The drop shadow on the jersey doesn't look good. It seems that it would be hard to read with blue numbers on a black jersey. Maybe try to add some white outlining to it.


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Yes i know. So using some advice here are the pacers. Wanted to get their current look, yet change it up a bit. So i added some lines, changed colors of course and went with the old Toronto back. Hope you enjoy!


And kinda funky looking toronto


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