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eBay NFL fakes


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I was wondering if anyone here owns an eBay NFL bootleg authentic jersey. I ask because I wanna find out if they usually glue the numbers on before sewing them down, or just sew them straight on.

I'm hatching a scheme to buy a bootleg Bears jersey in my size and remove the lettering, and have a place by me letter it correctly. The only snag in the plan is if the letters were glued down. But I have seen some of the bootleg sellers say they do returns, so I might just buy one anyway. Only $30...

Thanks for your help dudes.

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I'm not positive that mine is fake, but I'm pretty sure I have a bootleg Kevin Jones jersey. The numbers on mine are all sewn on, and nicely. It looks good, and after doing research to make sure it at least looked legit, I went ahead and spent the $40 on it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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