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Argentine American Football Concept #2: Boca Juniors


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I really didn't plan to have this one so early after River Plates. Really, River's was sitting on my laptop for months untouched and I decided to finish it last night.

This one, this morning I sat down and started working, just planned to get a general idea, and a couple of hours later, and I had a look I was happy with.

For some information on Boca, I recommend Wikipedia.

For their home jersey, I took heavy inspiration from their famous home soccer jerseys, which have been pretty much unchanged since 1913, long before they actually became a professional team.

The pants are blue, much like the shorts they wear, with the solid yellow stripe mimicking the solid yellow across the front of the jerseys.

For the road, their current road jerseys are kind of a mess, but they hardly ever wear them. I wanted something that had a heavy blue influence, so the sleeves are now blue. I'm keeping the stars motif I had on the homes here, on the blue sleeves. The pants, like the shorts, are white, but with the blue/yellow/blue, once again, to pay homage to the home stripe. Really, although I arranged them as so because it is how the team actually wears them, the pants are really interchangable. Much like River Plate, along the back side, rather than right on the front, I included the sponsor, Megatone. And yes, I know the look kind of resembles the old Rams. This was completely unintentional, and I didn't notice until I was finished.


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Another nice one.

You oughta think about fixing the top of the torso on the blue jersey. White numbers on gold stripes are illegible, which defeats the very purpose of identifying players by their numbers. Outline the numbers in blue - it would only show up where the numbers overlie the stripe, and would allow you to keep the design intact, which is otherwise exceptionally nice.

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