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Toronto Vipers Redesign


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As you may already know, my username is based on my first fantasy football team, the Toronto Vipers, and my avatar is the Vipers team logo. My team has been in operation since 1997 and I've had the team colors and the basic concept of a snake's head and maple leaf in mind from Day One, but it wasn't until 2001 when I actually created the logo for a graphics file, specifically a helmet graphic for my league's Web site:


As you can probably tell, the viper head comes from the old Dodge Viper logo (which itself has since been redesigned). (I even adopted an "official" brand tie-in, by renaming the Vipers' mythical stadium the Dodge Viper Convertible Dome.) I've kept the logo more or less intact ever since, even though I have redesigned the helmet itself a couple of times:


In 2006 I went beyond helmets and logos for the first time, designing the team's jerseys:


As it turned out, 2006 was the biggest season in franchise history, culminating in the Vipers' first-ever trip to the league championship game. Toronto got spanked in "I" Bowl XVIII, but now enters its 10th anniversary season with higher hopes than ever, and yet another new color scheme... and for the first time since 2001, a whole new set of logos and wordmarks. I've already given you a glimpse of the new look in my sig, and in my formerly animated avatar which constantly morphed between the old and new designs. Now, without any further ado, here at long last is the new look of the IFFL's Toronto Vipers:


The color scheme is a mix of old and new: The primary and secondary colors are still "double green," but slightly different shades. Actually what I did was take the two shades of blue from the Seattle Seahawks' color scheme and reverse the "blue" and "green" values. Also I dropped red as the tertiary color and brought back metallic gold - this time for the maple leaf rather than the helmet itself.

The primary logo is very similar to the old one, but with some subtle enhancements (aside from the new color scheme). The main elements of the logo, the viper head and maple leaf, are still present but have been rearranged such that I could get rid of the stem of the leaf. Also, the outline around the logo is a bit thicker than it was before.

Also, for the first time I have given the Vipers a proper wordmark, using the "Department H" font. As with the primary logo, there are two versions of the wordmark: one for white or other light backgrounds, and one for green or other dark backgrounds. Finally, we have the Convertible Dome logo (featuring the current Dodge Viper crest) and the team's 10th anniversary logo.

But these are just the beginning of the Vipers' extreme makeover. I have also designed new helmets, new uniforms and even a new field design for the Vipers. These will be in my next post...

And now, here's the rest of the new look of the Vipers. Since these are all 800x600 images, I will post them as linked thumbnails.

The field:


Home uniforms:


Away uniforms:


Alternate uniforms:


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I really like the efforts you are making into this.

The only thing that bothers me is the bottom part of the new viper's jaw. It's like there is no edge to the bottom jaw....it just looks werid.

Otherwise, great job.

The viper is the same as it's always been, just different colors. Remember, it's basically the same as the one on the original Dodge Viper logo.

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