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Hey. Recently, I haven't posted much. This is mainly due to the fact of the excessive flaming going on and I mean the excessive flaming. The kind that was just straight up uncalled for. I mean, how many MOD EDIT posts were there for the past month. Far too many, so I decided to lay low, let it play out and post some more when this place calmed down. It has, and the board seems better as a whole, so kudos to everyone for chilling out and making this place as fun as possible because that is why I am here. I enjoy posting and reading about the various activities that we all take part in and enjoy. So without further ado, here is team 17 of the Hip Hop Hockey League, and it is Clipse. The other 16 teams can be viewed by reading some pages back in the concepts section, or by reading my profile. Also, I am doing some revisions for all of the other teams to make sure that everything is perfect. By everything, I mean everything, meaning all the letters and numbers are symmetrical and even, and everything is as nice as it could possibly be. Now nobody would even notice these changes, but I actually give a damn about how my stuff looks so imperfection is not an option. Here is an example of a letter and number sheet I did. This one is for N.W.A


A letter or two was slightly off, and considering I draw all of my letters and numbers (more times than not with the help of a font) I made sure everything was perfect down to the very pixel, as I have devised a formula to make that possible. This is sort of like Rgoer Clemente's database so that you can make your own NHL uniform. Now I rarely use Roger's database (it is a great resource, by I prefer to draw on my own) in fact, I only used it for one team in the HHHL. Now onto Clipse.

Clipse was formed in 1992 by brothers Gene "Malice" Thornton and Terrence "Pusha-T" Thornton. Clipse has recorded three albums, "Exclusive Audio Footage" (1999), "Lord Willin" (2002), and "Hell Hath No Fury" (2006), but they?ve only released two of them. "Exclusive Audio Footage" was released, but after the first single off of the album, "The Funeral" it was deemed a commercial failure. The rest of the album was not released by Clipse's record company at the time, Elektra Records. Don't worry, if you want to listen to that album, most of it has leaked onto the internet, but you didn?t hear that from me! While the members of Clipse were born in The Bronx, they relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia as young'ns and represent that area.

Home uniform: The Clipse logo featured on the cover of their album, ?Hell Hath No Fury? is the crest on both the home and the away. It is in black and is outlined in white on the maroon sweater and "Clipse" is in black. The striping pattern is gold/black/gold. Actually it isn?t really a gold, the color is more of a sand, "Virginia Beach Sand". So the striping pattern is actually VB Sand/black/VB Sand. It is this way on the sleeves, shoulders, and bottom of the jersey. The shoulder yoke is not your ordinary shoulder yoke. It extends almost all the way down to the end of the sleeve and is parallel to the other striping patterned area in that they are both 45 degree angles. So the jersey is maroon, the striping pattern is VB Sand/black/VB Sand, and the portion of the jersey after the striping is black. I already mentioned the stripes on the bottom of these threads, but below the stripes, these unis have a big black stripe, you get that? Ahhhhh, anyway, collars are VB Sand and maroon, domes (aka helmets for anyone new to the HHHL and my lingo) are maroon, gloves are maroon, black, and VB Sand, socks are maroon with a (ok, this will be long) a VB Sand/black/VB Sand/black/VB Sand/black/VB Sand striping pattern, and pants are black with the same striping exhibited on the jerseys (come on, you know it by now, VB Sand/black/VB Sand.) Names and numerals are white, with a black outline, while the numbers in the black shoulder yoke are VB Sand, outlined in white. That is pretty much it on the home threads.

Away uniform: Pretty much the same as the home. I do like it when the home and away threads maintain consistency (see Devils, Red Wings, Coyotes, Kings, and many other teams.) The Clipse crest is now maroon with "Clipse" in white trimmed in black. The outer portion of the crest is still black. Collars are now black and VB Sand, socks and uniform have same striping pattern, but are now, obviously white. Numbers on the black yoke are still the same, gloves, pants, and domes are still the same. Names and numbers are now VB Sand, trimmed in black. Done on the aways. Onward...

Home alternate uniform: Well, it is primarily black. Striping patterns are now VB Sand/maroon/VB Sand. Numbers on the now maroon shoulder yoke are the same, collars are VB Sand and black (just like on the aways), and names and numbers are now white, trimmed in maroon. Domes and socks are black, while gloves and pants are the same. What's that!? No Clipse shield on the front of the sweater? Yeah, thats right. That Clipse wordmark is taken from their album, "Lord Willin".


When I originally started team Clipse, I thought that the wordmark would be a much bigger part of the uniforms. As I made more and more progress, I realized that this would not be the case. I'm still kickin' myself for using so much time in making the wordmark. Dang.

Miscellaneous: Gene "Malice" Thornton wears number 14 because Clipse's 2006 album, "Hell Hath No Fury" reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 200. Terrence "Pusha-T" Thornton wears #22 because "Hell Hath No Fury" reached #2 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart and the Billboard Rap Album chart. The alternate jersey says Va. Beach. Come on, you know this, I even mentioned it earlier on. Clipse hails from Virginia Beach, VA. 23450 is the zip code of Virginia Beach, just to clear that up. Is the alternate uniform the most unreal out of this set? Especially with the name and number I chose? Absolutely, but when one uniform comes to life from the HHHL some day, sportin? a uni would be even cooler based on the fact that it is unreal.

C & C is appreciated. Thanks.

Primary uniforms:


Alternate uniform:


P.S. there was a Los Angeles Kings jersey floating around here, I want to say that Roger Clemente or Brass Bonanza did it. I emulated that pattern a bit as far as the shoulder stripes go for Clipse. I did not copy, but they do have a few similarities. I just wanted to clear that up.

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