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My Wisconsin Badgers Concept


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After reading through the Wisconsin thread about their similarity to Nebraska, I decided to try something new. I went with a red metallic helmet with a white motion W on the sides. I think it looks really nice. The jerseys are pretty simple, but they are classy. Anyway, just throwing this idea out there...



Props to PistonsTHENextDynasty for the helmet template and to BuccoB for the jersey template.

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They look good -- evocative of those early '60s throwbacks -- except that one solved problem has led to another:


Seems to me that if your uniforms are going to be derivative, it makes more sense to be derivative of a team outside your conference (and one with a rich football history) than of one within your own conference (with very little good football history). This is why UW needs white helmets.

(P.S. Indiana's colors are officially "crimson and cream"; Nebraska's are "scarlet and cream." So perhaps it isn't UW who needs to change; it's the Hoosiers and Huskers.)

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The artwork is fine. The problem is remove the helmet logo and it is pretty indistinguishable from other red and white uniformed teams. The Badgers need to keep the black, even if only as an accent color. Personally, I'd like to see them incorporate Bucky into the mix. Although I agree with Gothamite that the motion W doesn't work well on the left side of the helmet, it's worlds better than the front-and-back pieces of tape looking logo used on the throwbacks. I would also agree that the helmet needs to remain white, or if needed, introduce a third color into the mix.

Overall, while well executed, this concept strips away Wisconsin's uniqueness - what little it has anyway.

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