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Texas thunderbolts


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Hello again friends. Here is a concept I came up with for Shizznick. I jsut wanted to know what you guys thought. I tried to be suave and add Texas in there but it might be a little much. Let me know what you think! The Texas Thunderbolts!:


(P.S. While I am posting, do you guys no of any way for the site to automatically log me on when I visit? It's a hassle having to sign in everytime)

Thanks for your time once again! -Steve-O

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IMO it's a little too obviously a reworking of Mooterus.

It looks good, don't get me wrong, it looks real cool... but lacks originality.

Don't take it too hard, we've all been there... my original FFFL (now CFA) team was the Winnipeg Winterhawks, and that logo lacked originality more than your concept here.

If you don't mind that fact, then you're fine. Otherwise, you live and learn.

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It's obviously an unorginal logo, but I think it is awesome.

Why thank you! Yeah it's not the most original by far but I'm glad somebody liked it! It was just made for Shizznick's fantasy team so. I hope to hear some more positive criticism or feedback.

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