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New Orleans Saints concept


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As today I clearly have a lot of time, I decided to try my hand at working on the Saints. Now the saints uniforms aren't too shabby. I ditched the black pants and unified the gold. For the shoulder and pant striping I went against the 3 stripe pattern to something a bit more modern in the 2 stripes. It may look Rams-esque, but if I had more talent at detail, the shoulder/sleeve stripes would be much more rigid and band-like than arching. I updated the wordmark so it's not so boring, giving it that mardis-gras flair that it deserves, but when I flattened it out, I noticed the border had gotten screwed up, so just ignore that big gold splotch behind the wordmark. I kept the helmet basically the same. Once again, tell me what you think. :)


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