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Tank stumper 2/1/04


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I. What teams have bever been to a Super Bowl?

II. As a player, assitant and head Coach who ahs been to the most Super Bowls?

III. What Packer in Super Bowl I and II played for teh Coboys in a later Super Bowl?

IV. Who was the Coach for the Broncos in Super Bowl XII?

V. Besides losing 4 Super Bowls and being in the NFL Hall of Fame what do Bud Grant and Marv Levy have in common?

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III.  Herb Adderley  (Forrest Gregg also played for Green Bay's Super Bowl I & II teams as well Dallas' Super Bowl VI team, but he did not play in the Super Bowl with the Cowboys)
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Jpslapshot got

I Arizona/Phoenix/St. Louis Cardinals

Jacksonville Jaguars

Cleveland Browns

Houston Texans

Seattle Seahawks

Detroit Lions

New Orleans Saints


II Dan Reeves

Player V &VI

Assitant Coach X, XII, & XIII


SJ32 got III Herb Adderly

Siantsfan got IV Red Miller


V Both coached in the CFL half right they won a Grey Cup in the CFL.

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LOL you are from Boston is this Cliff Clavin?

It reminds me of teh Cheers where Cliff went on Jeopardy and ansered for these 3 names Who have never been in my kicthen? and portested over not winning.

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