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Convention Stand


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This is something I whipped up for my dad. He works for Ringette Ontario and needed a welcome stand to take with him to AGMs and other high profile events around the province. All he had asked was to include the Ontario Ringette logo and the ring logo at the bottom and to keep it simple (very lean budget to work with.)

His higher ups liked the job and my design was printed and made into the actual thing. Pretty exciting stuff. It stands about 7 1/2 feet tall on it's own small base.



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Everything is good except for the Welcomes you part, i don't like the tapered effect you have going, or ok i can't explain it properly but you get my drift. Otherwise it's very good for the budget, nice job.

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this link is probably easier to post than to explain. It's like hockey, but with a ring, a stick with no blade, and a shot clock.

Thanks for the feedback guys. The slanted script was at the request of the commissioning party, as if to lead the people at the events from the entrance into the event itself. I did have some designs with a squared up "Welcome". With the choice of the designs they chose the tappering lettering

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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