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New NBA Warm-ups?


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These are a little weird. I think they're new, and sorry if someone else has already posted these.





I don't know if that'll work... Anyway, they moved the big fat three-stripe adidas creep to the sleeves, and now the sleeves (mostly trimmed RIGHT at the sleeve line) are the second color. Definite downgrade.

The worst I've seen so far has to be Orlando, because they have blue main, silver sleeves, and white stripes. At least it makes the stripes less visible.

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OK, what's worse is that the old warm-ups are still in circulation. Michael Ruffin for the Bucks had the old one still.

Boston Celtics, Ray Allen has the new one, but almost everyone has the old ones.

The Charlotte Bobcats are the worst yet, because they replicate their blue alts/away uniforms. In speaking of which, they wore their blue jerseys at home, probably to show their home fans what the crappiest jerseys in the NBA look like.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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