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Upcoming Toledo Sports Teams

Burning River

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According to the Lake Erie Monsters Forum, I found a few tidbits. A few names are registered by the owners of the MudHens. They will also own the new Hockey team and Arena Football team at the new Toledo Arena. The owner said that they are NOT official, they are just registering a few names, with more to become registered.

Ahem... Here we go:


Toledo Walleye


Toledo Woodpeckers and all forms thereafter... Peckers and Peckerheads.

Don't shoot the messenger!! Regarding Woodpeckers, I understand if they want to tie in to the MudHens name. I guess just not like that. I was thinking for hockey: Toledo BarnStormers might be cool. It's ties in to the old "Storm" name and sort of ties in to the MudHens with the play on words.

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I think they should leave it the Storma nd just update teh jersey and maybe logo. Or atleast go with Golddiggers sicne that was the team before them. Or even Bullfrogs since where the new arena is built is considered "Frog Alley". But think of the goal horn if it was the Walleyes.. a horn from a fishign boat! that would be sweet. Either way i cant wait for hockey back in toledo!!

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