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Syracuse Chiefs / Mets Affiliation Design


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i did this recently. sort of quasi-fantasy, but done so assuming syracuse forms an affiliation with the mets in 2009 (or ever). i tried to throw in some chiefs retro logos (the english-style s and the native american headdress logo) and combine it with the mets current color scheme. i don't know if i'm 100% happy with the home/white jersey...

home jersey and cap...


away jersey and cap...


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i changed it up using the chiefs current baseball/train conductor logo (without the scarf) as a sleeve patch and then i used the train (changed to orange) as the primary cap logo...



the creepy train guy could almost pass as a distant cousin to mr. met.

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Lets just hope that this can become a reality. The move of their affiliation to New Orleans sucked because we don't even get our one series a year to see the Mets AAA team here in Syracuse. If Toronto breaks ties with the Chiefs and the Mets jump in, I'd get season tickets in a heartbeat.

As for the uniforms I like the Chiefs script as it looks like it could be made from the same font as the Mets script if it existed. I'm not a big fan of the conductor/train motif, though it is better than the SkyChiefs one, and there's no way they would bring back the indian logos.

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