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hollister (mo) hs football


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To be honest, it seems kinda plain and reminds me of Dallas Cowboys without knowing what exactly Dallas wears. The name Tigers, does not scream to me dark blues. Have a look at a tiger, theyre yellowy-orange and black - it'd be best to use those colours. You just need to add some colour to it, it seems kinda dark and dull at the moment. It just needs colour, re-colour the logo, the uniforms and then the helmets.

I think thats all, keep working on it.

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The uniforms are nice, nothing to write home about. I don't like the wordmark on the helmet (those are always bad), so try just putting the logo on it. To me, the logo just looks like one of those cheap high school recreations of a college logo, as it looks a lot to me like Memphis' logo.


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it looks a lot to me like Memphis' logo

It is!

Folks, sometimes when schools start up a team, especially in Missouri where I live, they are NOT going to "deck out" the unis until they prove themselves. The board of education is pretty tight with their money.

I had heard that Hollister was getting a team. 1A school, correct?

Hollister is in the SE section of Missouri, near Branson. The southern boarder of Taney County, where Hollister is, boarders the Northern Edge of the great state of Arkansas.

The word mark is that of Texas Southern University: CC TSU logo

Go Tigers!

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