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Jeff Kent Is A Moron


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Jeff Kent defending todays players on steroids use brought up the possibillity that Babe Ruth and Lou Gehirg used stroids, and should be scutinized too.


Of course the fact that Steroids as we know them we not INVENTED yeat does not mater, oh brother.

Sounds like Kent likes the juice too, and is trying to soften the blow if he gets caught.

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kents a jackass. has been since after he won the mvp with us back in 2000. fact of the matter is, kent's stats were a mere product of whom he was either hitting in front of or behind in the giants lineup. (some guy named BONDS that I hear is pretty good). Hes a crappy second baseman anyways. sure he doesnt record a lot of errors, but the fact of the matter is, his pitiful range results in routine grounders that go for base hits.

jeff kent can take his pornstar mustache and go to hell for all I care. the giants dont need him, and the astros will soon tire of him as well.

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Shark as a Met fan I can tell you he has always been a jackass, and Bonds helped turn him from an average player to a star. On the Mets he did jack squat, and he has always been a lousy fielder on the Mets he actually made errors, then he stopped going after balls that he felt he could not reach.

Mets fans used to call him Jeff Cant btw

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