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Philly Iggles uniforms


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So I have yet to make a concept for the team I love more than any other, the Philadelphia Eagles. I don't really like the midnight green, and every time I go to the team store and see those throwback Randall Cunningham or Reggie White jerseys, I die inside thinking those could be their uniforms today. Those, IMO, were the pinnacle of Philly uniforms. Just so damn sexy, the perfect mix of kelly green with a touch of black, and especially those all white uniforms.

So, as many have before me, I went back to the kelly green. I also brought back the swooping eagle logo, another thing about the past I think is sex on a uniform. Beautiful to me. Anyways, enough about my feelings.

But I didn't want to just make a couple variations on the past uniforms, that wouldn't be a concept, so I wanted to add some sort of stripes or something to the sleeves. Nothing I tried worked quite how I liked it, so I looked even further into the past and saw that their unis in the 30's, those horrificly awesome light blue and yellow ones, had a thick horizontal stripe from the collar to the sleeve. Not quite a stripe, not quite a yoke. I also looked at my favorite soccer team's kits, Arsenal's new ones, and saw the outline on this same time of striping pattern, and used it.

Now, I'm not sure if I like it better than those beauties Cunningham rocked, but this is a concept.

I also made an alt logo based off the wordmark of the E.




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I like these a lot, but the thing I think could improve it is if you used silver as well on the uniforms. Maybe make the stripe on the shoulder silver instead of white. But with just the green, white, and black it looks too much like the Jets to me.


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^^^ That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw those jerseys.

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