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NFL 3rd Jersey/Alt question


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I apologize if these have been answered before, but I had a couple of questions. I just received my NFLshop.com catalog and was looking at the replica jerseys. They show 3 for each team: team color, white and alternate. I do recall seeing a number of the alternates/throwbacks being used in games but some I don't know if they've been used in games.

1) Does Seattle, Indy and KC have a 3rd jersey?

2) Has Green Bay ever used the yellow jersey?

3) Has Arizona, since they've got their new look, used the throwback (nothing on the sleeves) jersey?

4) Has St. Louis used the gold jersey?

5) Has Oakland used the silver jersey?


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1) No to all. There's a difference between fashion jersey and on-field jersey, no matter what that idiot on Wikipedia claims.

2) No, and never will. They don't even bother selling them on the Packers' website.

3) Not to my knowledge.

4) Nope. See #1.

5) No. See #4.

WAIT!!! Haven't you seen the"DOCUMENTS"!! All these plus hundreds more are just hanging in equipment rooms waiting to be worn, according to the "document." :D

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