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Some European hockey on American TV


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I know there are a lot of hockey fans on here and a few menioned wanting to see some games from Europe on TV. It look like NBC has launched a new channel called Universal Sports. It appears they bought WCSN.com which broadcasted the IIHF World Championships in the US over the internet last spring. The channel is mostly Olmpic sports but there seems to be a fair amount of hockey on it and will probably have this years World Championships on it. They are also airing the IIHF Champions Hockey League which is similar to Uefa's soccer champions league featuring the top european clubs. The best part is this channel is an over the air network which means if you are in one of the markets that has the channel it's free. It probably is on your cable and if not if you have a digital tv with tuner and some rabbit years you can get it. Here are the markets and channels of where it is available (I'm wathcing it on NBC 4.3 in Maryland).


Los Angeles

Charter 305

Cox 805

Time Warner Cable channel 226

NBC over-the-air channel 4.4

San Diego

Cox 117

Time Warner 136

NBC over-the-air 39.3

San Francisco | Oakland | San Jose

Comcast 187

NBC over-the-air channel 11.3


Greenwich | Stamford

Cablevision channel 119

Hartford | New Haven

Cablevision channel 249 and 261

Charter 756

Cox 803

NBC over-the-air channel 30.3


Greater Washington Area

Comcast Cable channel 207

Cox 807

NBC over-the-air channel 4.3



Comcast 251

NBC over-the-air channel 5.3



Cox 120

NBC over-the-air channel 6.3


Las Vegas

Cox Communications channel 127

NBC over-the-air channel 3.3

Reno | Lake Tahoe

Charter Comm. channel 228

ABC over-the-air channel 8.2



Time Warner 1896

NBC over-the-air channel 39.2

New York City

Time Warner Cable channel 162

Comcast Cable channel 249 (upstate NY)

Cablevision channel 110 (LI, NYC, upstate NY)

RCN channel 190

Verizon Fios channel 864

NBC over-the-air channel 4.4


Comcast Cable channel 249

Cablevision channel 110



Comcast 249

NBC over-the-air channel 10.3


Dallas | Fort Worth

Grande 131

Greenville Utilities 151

Time Warner 366

NBC over-the-air channel 5.3


So if you want to see some more hockey, or want to watch some other sports check it out.

And here is the channels site. They also stream a bunch.


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I guess it's safe to assume that only NBC's O&O's have this right now?

I believe there are a few ABC and CBS stations that have the channel on their extra digital channels. But yes it's mostly NBC Owned and Operated.

BTW, the play by by announcer is Paul Romanuk who did NHL games for TSN before moving to the UK.

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OH yeah Paul Romanuk.. yeah I do remember him doing games on TSN.. think he did some games on Sportsnet or so.. ehh but right I am watching the 3rd period of HC Slavia Prague at ZSC Lions Zurich (that game was originally done last week but is airing on tape delay) on the Score here in Canada... so far I like these games.. good ones....and interesting logos and jersey looks...

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