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  1. That 2nd logo... someone said it looks like the state of Ohio shaped.. I have to agree that is looking like that so how about putting that into the citadelle shape? is it doable? I do like what the shield looks...
  2. Oh wow... didnt think there would be a logo crest that combines 2 whales into the W shape but impressive!! I wonder how it looks in the old Whalers blue/green combo?
  3. Ah ya might be right.. I have to wonder if the PCHL Monarchs did give some hints as to the logos and etc for the NHL Kings later on? I bet that might be a subtle thing, like extending the lineage and the theme of the king crown used?
  4. I think option B is good for main crest of home and road jersey.. option C might be shoulder logo? option A? ohh Im not sure about how that logo looks...
  5. I have to say, all the prototype series logos and uniforms are amazing and simply WOW! Some of the teams need to go that route but others are just fanastic! ONE thing, I noticed the LA Kings prototype logo.. didnt I see that in a pic posted of the Beverley Hills hillbilly series years ago where Jeb the character in that tv show was walking down the stairs in goalie equipment and his jersey had that logo on it I think? Please correct me if I am mistaken on that..
  6. I can get behind this for sure if Quebec City eventually get back into the NHL via relocation.. and that Fla Panthers head logo is good use and Im curious to see what the jerseys looks like...
  7. That is excellent.... keeping everything as is .. I have to wonder about that black yoke line.. can it be changed to blend in with the jersey look? or is it only the templete jersey?
  8. Ah ok.. that would mean the Saints are moving from the AA to the PCL or Int L??
  9. All I can say is wow.. that can be doable.. I wonder if there will be another jersey with the classic N logo as a heritage jersey? to be included in these jersey collections?
  10. I have a question.. is the American Association going to lose the St. Paul Saints to the Pacific Coast League? I still see St. Paul listed but is there anything going on?
  11. Ah ok.. but if I dont have Illustrator then hmm what other program would be useful for that?
  12. Hmm that jersey is okay... I wonder if there a vector version of that logo crest?
  13. That would be the best one ever for sure.. return to simple and clean looking jerseys and the logo? I do like that but wondered if the other 2 D logo that was shown in 2017 or so can be used as well? BUT I would love to see this look return for good!
  14. whoa.. that a bit extreme but if it is usable as a 3rd jersey yeah good idea. .the main jerseys need to be left alone as is as it's historical and more of how the Canadiens are recalled and talked about as legendary for many years...
  15. I do like that Kachinas logo crest.. only beef is when i see that jersey on tv.. the shoulder yoke thing looks so darker than the original one, and it is hard to see on tv so best to have the yoke brightened up more but the logo and the jersey design is amazing as is...