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Broken Hockey Sticks


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A Buddy of mine has been saving broken sticks up for about 2 years and we are finally gonna make something out of it (a bench and table). Was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a surplus of broken sticks (Local rinks, pro/junior teams, etc). We've run out of options around Raleigh. Thx :hockeysmiley:

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I've got some that I no longer use. Of course, I'm nowhere near Raleigh (thought I have taken the ice in Cary before), and I'm sure shipping sticks is kindof pricy. But, if you're willing to pay the cost, I'd probably be willing to part with them.

(And each stick is somewhere in the 62"-65" range.)

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For the past year I have been doing the same exact thing. I've been collecting broken sticks that people at the local ice rink break, usually I just grab them out of the trash. My plan is to build a bar in my basement that will fit with this sports theme I'm going for down there. I think I may even put a beer tap on it I



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