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Ny Rangers Uni Question


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What year is this from? I don't think it's from 1994.

Well, looking over NHLuniforms.com, I couldn't find that very jersey anywhere.

Up to 1997, the Rangers wore that style collar, but the stripes on the sleeves were separated by thin blue lines. In 1997, the lines met, but the collar was changed to the blue lace up one they use now.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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i saw an odd "Rangers" jersey on TV this weekend. our ECHL Charlotte Checkers mascot "Chubby" has a blue jersey with "CHECKERS" running diagonal across chest (a la Rangers-style) with the Liberty head (alt?) logo on the left shoulder. i couldn't see if it had and other Checker logos, our colors, or whatnot, etc.

i'll look for an image to post.

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