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L.A. Crusaders Hockey


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Looks like a pretty good concept, but I think the nameplate font would be very hard to read, and the numbers aren't too easy either. You may have to customize the font so that the narrow parts on the numbers are a bit thicker than they are now, so as to be legible from a distance.

You may want to continue the horizontal stripe of the cross around the back of the jersey, just to give it some kind of closure. Right now, it's hard to tell where it ends. I'd like to see a take on the red jersey of this team.

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You should at least make the front and arm numbers red. All red without any kind of borders. I would not touch the back of the jersey, any extra line will just clash with the numbers in a bad way.

The secondary logo could use some color. The C in the middle should be red with an inner white border and an outer red border. Right now, it just looks erased. You could also trace one of the borders in silver depending on what you think would look better.

The wordmark needs to be away from the center of the shield. Again, different colors would do it alot of good. I would put the LA on top and the Crusaders at the bottom.

But these are just my 2 cents.

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